Community is constant practice for it lives in action, in being. Drawing on ancient wisdom, Roberto Dansie breaks down the essential components at the heart of community: Song, Story, Synergy, Synchronicity.

We are each part of one, or maybe even several. It could be our neighborhood, social group, profession, church or civic activism. We find and build community everywhere. At its best, a community is a safe, vibrant space where all people thrive. But how do we intentionally create this kind of community? It doesn’t happen on accident. Creating community where all people are welcomed, honored and allowed to thrive is deeply radical work right now. And it does take work, I mean real work: patience, loving-intention, and care.

Roberto Dansie on Community from Healthy Gen on Vimeo.

Roberto Dansie, Maya & ancient wisdom scholar, has been internationally recognized as the most eloquent and accessible contemporary authority on Cultural Diversity.

He founded his Company Cultural Wisdom in 1998.  He is an award-winning speaker, trainer, and clinical psychologist.